Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Unique Designs for Couples Engagement Rings

When you hear the word “engagement ring”, the first thing that comes into mind is a woman wearing this exquisite piece of jewelry. Today, there is a new trend that has come up for husbands and wives to be – a man’s engagement ring. This is worn by a man before he gets married, or in some cases, still worn along with the wedding ring after marriage.

This may sound bizarre, but yes, some men today wear these elegant engagement rings as well. A man wearing an engagement often depicts the love a couple shares with each other. Couples T-shirt, couples bracelet or necklace are among the things couples nowadays do. We often got used to the set up where in only a woman wears this ring. But today, this style is starting to be an epidemic.

If you are a couple who wishes to have a couples ring, here are some stylish ideas you can apply for your man’s bling.

1.      Plain metal – This design of a man’s ring gives a more masculine look to a husband to be. It shows simplicity and can also depict peace and humility among the couple.  As they say, the simpler, the better. Commonly used metals are either titanium or platinum.

2.      Combination of metals – Combining two metals into one ring is a familiar style in designing these rings. Usually, combinations of gold and silver metals are commonly used among couples. At times, couples use significant metals like their mother’s silver bracelet or a wedding ring, melt it and combine them together to form whole new jewelry. This depicts harmony and solidarity in the marriage and shows luxury and class all into one.

3.      Gems – Adding gems or crystals to a pre-wedding ring is also a common design for engagement and wedding rings. Though this is usually found in women’s rings, men can also have gems put on their rings. It can either be their birthstone, or their future wife’s.

4.      Vows and Symbols – Vows are definitely a couple’s way of proving to one another that nothing can withstand their relationship. Adding small quotes or sayings to a man’s ring is written proof about their love and togetherness. Not only is this engraved in a couple’s hearts and minds, it can also be written in a band they will wear until eternity. Symbols, on the other hand, can be engraved in these rings to represent a couple’s unity in marriage.

A man having an engagement ring is the hottest trend among couples today. Thousands of cuts and designs are available to suit a couple’s taste and style when it comes to this fine jewel. Despite the styles that are available, some couples still want their design to be unique as they can be. Proving a couple’s love to one another by the use of couple’s ring is one sure way of telling the world how in love and lucky they are to have each other. This is definitely a very smart choice for every man and wife to be.